Being a Witch or Sorcerer or learning metaphysics means tracking so many different areas of our lives.
If you had a book that could help guide you along the way would it help?

If the answer is yes then this journal is for you!

Want to chart your moon phases?
This journal has you covered!

How about learning to Ground Yourself and Protect yourself and your home?
Covers that as well.

Learning about your Chakras and what works best for you?
Check out the Body Scan page!

Letting go is one of the most important areas we work in so there is a page for that as well.

And finally, how about the work we do, not only for ourselves but with family and friends too?
There is a section for this work too that I hope you will enjoy working with.

There are also pages for you to write your thoughts about what you are doing and the discoveries you find
along the way as well as charting your journey and writing spells, chants and rituals.

I hope this journal will serve you as you grow and learn about your path and power!

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Delivery takes 2-3 weeks as it’s published on demand