Who is this journal for?

The Goddess within all of us.

You are the Goddess whose wisdom we need to hear.
This is a place to carry your thoughts, your story and your wisdom.
To share with others or to keep for yourself, this journal is what you have been looking for.

Small enough to carry in your purse, bag or knapsack or leave it beside your bed.
Keep it handy for when Divine Wisdom calls you.

Your favourite spells, notes to yourself, memories of a glorious day or future desires,
This journal can handle it all!
This book also contains the names of some of the Goddesses I have come across and been delighted to learn about.
They are from all over the world and each one has much to offer.
Maybe you will find one of your favourites!

After all, you are the Goddess and the creator of all you desire!

Happy journaling!

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