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    Hi and welcome to my site.

    I am a Transformational Coach, Healer,
    Intuitive, and Self-Love Advocate
    as well as a Mother and Nurse.

    I believe that within all of us there is magic.

    I’m here to help you find your magic and
    live the life of your dreams today.


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      I am a transformational coach and I do one to one clarity coaching.

      With 25+ years of nursing and 20+ years of coaching I have come to understand how clarity can focus our attention on not only our challenges but also our solutions.

      Do you feel as if your business is stagnant, your relationship needs work, or you personally feel there is something standing in the way of your success?

      Book a one hour call with me.

      Together we will spend an hour examining your situation and together we will come up with a solution for you.

      $111/per hour


      I have a question for you?

      Is your life working out the way you want it to?

      I had this question myself and upon deep reflection within I realized that I had stopped loving myself.

      So I went on a journey of self-discovery.

      Through my journey, I discovered that the strongest pillar to changing my life was learning to love myself again.

      Along the way, I healed my body from several chronic diseases and found myself again.

      I would like to share what I have discovered with you.

      Leaning into self-love will uncover for you, what it did for me, and allow you to walk into the life of your dreams.

      Come and discover SELF-LOVE PUZZLE PIECES, my tribe, inside a sacred community dedicated to self discovery, self improvement and connection with other like minded individuals.

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      Did you know that inside of you is a future that you have yet to discover?

      Have you asked yourself the question, what is missing from your life?

      If I told you the answer lay within you, would you be willing to go on a journey to discover the answer?

      Authentic You22 has been designed with these questions in mind.

      This 5 week intensive course is designed for you to uncover all the gifts that you possess.

      Who is waiting inside of you to give you the life of your dreams?

      What are you holding onto, is life happening for you or to you, and are you living the life you dreamed of?

      If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, Authentic You22 will help you rediscover the dreams that you locked away in a box.

      Free yourself and learn why you are more than you think you can be!

      5 weeks to unlock the life you dream of.



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      1:1 coaching for 1 year DM me or email me for details


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